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$20 million 1978 5 ft 5 in (1.67 m) Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay Author Brook Busey Brook Busey-Hunt Brook Maurio Brooke M. Busey Candy Girl Dan Maurio Dan Maurio (m. 2009) Diablo Cody Diablo Cody Net Worth Directors Exotic dancer Film director Film producer Games Illinois Jon Hunt Jon Hunt (m. 2004–2007) Journalist June 14 Lemont Marcello Daniel Maurio Memoirist Screenwriter Stripper Television Producer United States United States of America

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 Diablo Cody internet value is$20 Million Diablo Cody Wiki/Biography Brook Busey-Maurio, higher recognized by the pen identify Diablo Cody, is an American...

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The Visitor – Italy/USA, 1978

‘They know we are here.’ The Visitor – aka Stridulum – is a 1978 Italian/American science fiction horror movie directed by Giulio Paradisi (Michael J...

“Toy Story 3” "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" "Weird Al" Yankovic $3 Million $5 million 1978 1978-01-24 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) 5000000 Actor Actors Actress Actresses American Andy Kaufman Colorado Comedian David Schaal Dutch people Frannie Hood Games January 24 Joey Ramone Kristen Schaal Kristen Schaal Net Worth Kristin Schall Longmont Northwestern University Rich Blomquist Rich Blomquist (m. 2012) Screenwriter United States United States of America Voice Actor Writer

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Kristen Schaal internet value is$5 Million Kristen Schaal Wiki/Biography Kristen Schaal was born on 24 January 1978, in Longmont, Colorado USA, of Dutch...